Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Winner of 2012 Millenium Yacht Design Award in Dream Boat Category :
Allochroous...An adjective in English which means ''changing color''
We thought that it's the best name for our project. Cause one of the
important part of this project is having a changable body with it's
color and technological additions.As you all can see easily the
morning mode and the night mode of this yacht are totally different
from each other. Language of the style is always the same but we can
say that this yacht is especially for the special ''nights''... Cause
Allochroous is designed for special concerts.But not only for concerts
but also for vip film premiers,exhibitions,happenings  and chic events
or boutique theatre presentations.So we can say that this project will
be for someone who are the members of such a ''society''.  They can be
a member of such a art communities or just the people from elite
society. This choosen elit group will attend theese events which will
be on this yacht.All expenses can be paid by sponsors or financers of
the events or depending on the situation,guests can come to listen
live music just  organized for a few people which were organized by

If we have to talk about technical details a bit, Allochroous is 40
meters long and has three parts under the hull two of them are
floating and one which is on the back by itself with motor.The yacht's
speed is too low.For this feature, Allochrous inspired by ''Sea
Shadow''.When the boat is on the movement the two twin arms under the
body are open and provide floatation of the boat.If the boat has to
stop which it happens when someone has to get into the yacht before
movement; the arms move toward each other and become almost in closed
position.At this point they make weight and it cannot be durable.So
the yacht goes down slowly.When it goes down access to the yacht
becomes easy with automatic folding stairs.

Allochroous equipped with valuable materials.Also has a
solid,aluminium body.For guests' convenience and hygiene all the
materials considered in detail. Using ''Corian'' for flooring is a
good example for this.
In addition to all of them,protection of the environment is not
forgotten.It has solar panel on the roof.It's kind of solar panel
which we begin to see in theese years is transparent and can be also
There is a lot to say about Allochroous but we put a point here.This
boat has been designed and presented to your liking.Who say ''no'' for
beautiful summer concerts on the sea?

Designers:Turkish Designer Ezgi Aksan & Italian Designer Ambra Ceronetti

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